Sep 14

    I found myself engrossed in an article by MSN Money titled "The U.S. is in the top tier of house sizes internationally - and not just because of McMansions".  The article is mildly interesting and quoted some rote statistics like  The average American home is in the 1600...

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  • I Disagree - Wood is NOT Your Friend in Florida!

    Jul 29

    This article in Sunday's paper describes the tremendous volume of multi-family FRAME construction and it's financial allure.  I argue that this is terribly wrong and extremely shortsighted.  WOOD IS NOT YOUR FRIEND IN FLORIDA!   Take a look at the 3 - 4 story buildings featured in the ...

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  • Well Grounded Logic Says DON'T Raise the Old Home!

    Jun 25

    Like most folks, I was struck by the photo of the heavy construction in this article. As I read the article, I realized how terribly misguided this particular effort is in most cases. It is certainly a misguided effort in this case.  The article quoted $225,000 of work to complete ...

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  • FLASHING - the first line of defense against water intrusion!

    Apr 27

    It happened again this week - I saw two projects that were very badly compromised, due to water intrusion.  The fix was both difficult and expensive, which is heartbreaking considering that doing it correctly initially is both cheap and easy. You just have to pay attention to the basics.&...

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  • How to “BUILD STRONG” using Structural Diaphragm

    Mar 24

    In construction we are constantly faced with “how to connect [A] to [B]”.  A-to-B could be almost anything and we are ALWAYS faced with using both a material and an attachment method that carries or transfers the intended applied load and does not compromise the material we ...

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