• 6 Stylish Ideas for a More Visually Pleasing and Useful Backyard

    Jul 8

    When you put a lot of effort into your home interior design, you should consider directing attention to your outdoor space as well. After all, your property exterior can serve numerous functions in elevating your family's overall quality of life.  So, to help you get started on a ...

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  • Don't Neglect Your Home's Foundations When Considering a Renovation

    Jun 28

    When renovating their homes, homeowners often have three primary motives. They want to improve the aesthetics of the property, make it more enjoyable, and boost its resale value.They will usually do this by updating the style of the home and expanding the function of its various components. But, there ...

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  • Top 8 Home Updates That Pay Off

    May 4

      What is the single update you can make to your home that would result in the most significant increase in the value of the property? Every home-owner wants to know the answer to this question. Given how much you have invested in the property, emotionally and financially, this is ...

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  • Dos and Don'ts for Rental Remodeling from Tenant's Perspective

    Jan 27

    More than half of the U.S.’s 100 largest cities now have more renters than buyers, according to And this figure is expected to continue rising.  Renting is attractive for several reasons. For one, renting provides a lot of convenience. Because as a renter, Cavalier Estates ...

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    Jan 9

    In Florida, much of our extraordinary real estate growth is tied to the waterfront and the coastal zone homes that line our waterways.  Due to the flood zone regulations born in the 1980s, and growing harsher by the decade - our "conforming structures" are required to be ...

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