Building Site Prep

Proper Site Preparation

Any proper construction starts with a well prepared building site!

The first step in determining what is necessary is to have a "SOIL TEST" completed by a geotechnical engineer. The findings of that test will impact "how we build" on your site and thus will have an impact on the "structural design and calculations" of your project.

Depending on the circumstances, pilings may be needed or "soil improvement" may be necessary.

When we demolish an older building the soil is disturbed and needs to be improved.

Many older coastal homes were built on sub-standard land! Often the result of dredging to create the land initially, living matter was burried and over time has decayed resulting in an unstable soil condition. The soil test will reveal this condition and the engineer will recommend the appropriate remediation.

Below is a series of pictures showing "proper site preparation" of what was determined to be burried silt material to a dept of about 4 feet. Additionally, we demolished the older existing home to make way for the planned new custom home. The pictures show the progression starting from the "just demolished site to completion of a structural building pad with a density of 98%"

  • Any soil containing living matter or clay has been completely removed from the building area, which is typically extends 5 feet past the building on all sides.
  • Clean STRUCTURAL FILL is brought in and distributed in 6" lifts and proof rolled at each lift placement.
  • A soil engineer takes readings at the lowest excavated area and at every 12" interval to make sure we have met the 98% compaction density.
  • Eventually, the building pad [basically a rectangle 5 feet larger than the intended structure in every direction] is brought to the required elevation.
  • At this point the pad is ready for the surveyor to locate the piling locations [if a V-Zone structure] else we are ready for the foundation layout.

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