Structural Repairs

Bad things happen to otherwise perfectly good structures. And when the “bad things” affect the structural aspects of your building, it’s often difficult to find the right combination of professionals to address the problem.

There is the demolition and removal of the damaged items but also the very difficult requirement of temporarily supporting the load being carried by the damaged structure.

We work with several testing companies, architects and structural engineers. We are capable of determining the root cause of the problem, preparing the correct repair protocol, installation and eventual removal of the proper temporary structural shoring and the repair and finishing of the damaged items - - - one stop shopping.

All required structural repairs

  • Leaky elevated decks and lanais
  • Damaged and sagging beams
  • Damaged posts and columns
  • Damaged trusses
  • Water damage
  • Termite damage
  • Foundation problems and issues
  • Floor system damage and problems
  • Slab on grade problems and issues
  • Demolition and Removal
  • Site Drainage Issues
  • Retaining Walls

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