• Things to be aware of when buying a house with non-permitted work

    Oct 15

    Dream homes, we all dream of them. They are in the perfect neighborhood, which has the ideal mix of amenities that we want. The home itself looks beautiful from the outside and has an interior to match. The area plan of the house is just right; the size is just ...

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  • A Property Owner's Guide to Inspecting Your Sewer Line

    Oct 14

    After conducting months of asking around and online research, you may have finally found the perfect rental property. The home may be situated in the perfect neighborhood, and the home may have all the features you need and may be well within your budget.  You may have also hired ...

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  • Most Popular Home Repairs for New Homeowners

    Sep 17

    According to a 2020 Census, some two-thirds of American households own their own homes. Impressive, to say the least. It makes sense; everybody wants to have a space to call their own. Something they can mold into the perfect living area. There is a saying that with great power comes great ...

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  • Guide to buying a house that needs structural repairs

    Sep 1

    Future homeowners often have to face a myriad of problems during the homebuying process. Some are obvious, minor, and relatively easy to overcome. But, there are other, more significant problems that can ruin your entire househunting efforts. And the home structural damage is a leader amongst them. For most, discovering ...

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    Aug 16

    Choosing the right construction company can be a difficult task. There are many variables to consider, and it is up to you as the customer to make sure that you have done your research before committing. If you don't know where to begin, this blog post will provide seven ...

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