• 5 Steps to Business Ownership for the New Entrepreneur

    Apr 7

    Launching a new business is a lot easier if you go in knowing all the steps involved in creating your startup. You should have a list detailing everything you need to do to make your potential business a reality. This includes finances, tax and legal aspects, and practical questions such ...

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  • How to Safely Repair and Replace Roofs In The Time of COVID-19

    Apr 6

    COVID-19 may have changed many things, but one fact remains the same: not attending to roofing problems right away will lead to more troubles in the future.   The roof is an essential part of your home; it shelters and protects you. Regularly monitoring and maintaining it is necessary if ...

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  • Hiring a Property Manager vs. Self-Managing: What’s Better?

    Sep 17

    When you invest in a rental property, one very important question you must ask yourself is this: who should manage it? You or a property management company? Haas Properties points out that if you want your rental property to be profitable, you have to ensure that it is managed properly. ...

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