• All you need to know about bath renovations

    Sep 28

    While surely an exciting project to take on, bathroom overhauls take time, effort, and a whole lot of money out of one's pocket. Depending on if you are giving the room a complete makeover or just renovating a part of it, bathroom renovations can cost you anywhere from a couple ...

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  • Can termite damage be fixed?

    Aug 24

    Can termite damage be fixed? What do you call a tiny, pale insect that you can hardly see living in your house? Costly. Termites are the most expensive roommates you can have. The bane of many a homeowner, it is hard to believe that something so minuscule could be such ...

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  • Can You Live in a House During Foundation Repair?

    Aug 5

    Finding out your house has foundation issues can be pretty disturbing. It might even drive you to immediately pack your bags and leave. At least, that is, until you find a reputable Florida contractor to fix it. Or, it can even make you do something more drastic, like sell and ...

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  • 7 Things to Include In Your Remodeling Project to Attract Tenants

    Jul 12

    Finding reliable renters and retaining them is an important skill to master for landlords. The ideal rental should be comfortable, functional, and aesthetic so it can attract high-quality tenants. Bonus points if you can leave room for tenants to make their own changes. Home renovation has its own set of ...

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  • Buying vs Building a House in Largo

    Jul 8

    The time has come! You’re bustling with enthusiasm, visions of a fantastic future dance in your mind. Lady Luck has smiled and, now, you can finally become a proud owner of a house in Largo. But, how should you go about it? Should you browse the listings, hoping your ...

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