Published December 25th, 2018 by Roseadmin

I recently spent an enjoyable couple of hours with a very sharp young man who is looking to offer a valuable service to realtors in our area.  We put our heads together and came up with the OFFER OF A LIFETIME, that costs you NOTHING!  It has a tremendous cost on our end and therefore we sincerely ask that you only call us for your SERIOUS CLIENTS!

We will meet with you and your clients at a "potential" sale property - that has some flaw/flaws that are keeping your well-qualified, serious client from committing to the purchase.  This cost you NOTHING, this costs your client NOTHING.  We will evaluate what needs to be done to correct the flaws [structural / non-structural] and provide design ideas.  Usually, it is an antiquated kitchen, master bath, lack of light or a poor floor plan in general. We can provide suggestions and even a "ballpark" price for the work.  Imagine having the bulk of the unforeseens answered immediately - this is a powerful tool and a HUGE advantage to any realtor.  It does have a tremendous cost to us, and therefore we request you only ask us to look at properties for truly serious clients.  

What do we get out of this?  Hopefully, first position in the consideration of who will get the work!  And, even if we miss that particular job, you, the realtor, will feel very comfortable recommending us to do work for your other clients!  This is one of those rare opportunities where you are not out of pocket at all.  Please take advantage of it, it is a WIN-WIN-WIN!!



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