Common Causes of Renovation Delays and How to Avoid Them

Published November 22nd, 2021 by Rose Building Contractors, Inc.

Home renovations are one of those things that are bound to induce a few headaches, no matter how well you plan them. In other words, everything that can go wrong most likely will. Still, there are ways to minimize the likelihood of things going south. If you know what to expect, you are much more likely to remain in control for the duration of the project. Now, you might be thinking – should I be able to see into the future? No, that is why this article is here! Take a look at the most common causes of renovation delays and how to avoid them.


The fact that there is a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to the materials for your bathroom remodel or any other part of your home is both a blessing and a curse. Selecting one out of a hundred patterns, colors, shapes, or styles is tough. Still, even when the choosing part is over, people often change their minds in the middle of the renovation and decide to go in another direction. This usually leads to significant delays, which often disturb everyone and everything connected to the project.

So, what can you do to prevent this from happening? Although you cannot predict a change of heart, you can take your time during the selection and planning process. Consider everything from multiple angles, compare samples, and research your options. Once you think you’ve reached a decision, make sure to sleep on it – a few times. Only this way can you be sure you have made the right choice.


Most people are aware that a certain amount of planning is required for a successful home renovation. Still, it’s surprisingly common for workers to arrive at an entirely unprepared home. And when there is furniture and personal belongings all over the place, setbacks are unavoidable.

However, if you want to do it the right way, all you have to do is rent a short-term storage unit. This way, all of your possessions will remain safe, and the contractors will be able to work without any obstacles and challenges.

A person planning a home renovation to avoid common causes of renovation delays
A good plan should minimize potential delays.


Depending on the type of home updates you want to tackle, you will need to order many different materials and supplies. And when your project depends on other people’s ability to do their part of the job, well, let’s just say that you absolutely must account for potential delays.

To minimize the adverse effects of late deliveries, ordering everything as early as you can is essential. Additionally, make sure to choose reliable suppliers only as this will significantly lower the chances of unnecessary mistakes.


The pre-existing condition of a home is one of the most common causes of renovation delays. Even though no one embarks on a home improvement adventure unprepared (hopefully), it often happens that severe issues are discovered along the way.
Here are the most common obstacles homeowners come across:

  • Foundation issues
  • Water damage
  • Asbestos
  • Termite damage

Luckily, there is a relatively straightforward way to ensure no unpleasant surprises pop up along the way. All you need to do is hire a house inspector to check the condition of your home. An experienced eye should be able to spot most issues so that you can deal with them way before the renovation begins. Additionally, make sure to set aside a fund for unforeseen emergencies. Although an inspection should do the trick, it’s always good to be prepared if you want to minimize delays.


Have you ever attempted to tackle a home improvement project thinking it would be a piece of cake only for it to turn into a major disaster after a while? If you are not guilty of this, the previous owners of your property might be.

Although you cannot go back in time to tell them (or yourself) this is not a good idea, you most certainly can steer clear of the DIY approach – at least when more complex projects are in question. This way, the contractors you hire won’t need to waste time fixing the mistakes and redoing things that could have been done correctly on the first try.

A couple painting a room
DIY projects can be fun, but it’s usually better to leave the work to the pros.


A lack of necessary permits is one of the most common causes of renovation delays. Fortunately, this issue is relatively easy to prevent. Since the type and number of permits required will depend on where you live and what kind of projects you have in mind, thoroughly researching the requirements beforehand is imperative. Note that it might take a while to obtain all the paperwork and get a green light, so make sure to do this several months in advance.


Although there is not much you can do about rain, snow, and other meteorological troubles, your best bet is to schedule the renovation with the weather forecast in mind. If, however, this doesn’t work out and you must wait for the storm to pass, you can always tackle the parts that are not affected first. There are many exciting green tips to try as well, so you can rest assured your time won’t be wasted.

Dark clouds above a house
Bad weather is one of the biggest enemies of home renovations.


It might be tempting to try and save a few bucks by hiring contractors whose services are cheaper than the rest. However, know that inexperienced workers are one of the most common causes of renovation delays. A lack of skills and knowledge could lead to many mistakes and even require you to redo some parts of the work. An easy way to avoid this is to hire only the most reliable, experienced, and established contractors. This will give you some much-needed peace of mind and allow you to focus on other, more important things.

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