Best ROI Home Improvements in 2022

Published August 15th, 2022 by Rose Building Contractors, Inc.

A house with white garage doors and yellow windowsFinding out about the best ROI home improvements in 2022 is essential.

One sure thing is that the real estate market is complicated and ever-changing. What is considered appealing to buyers one day can soon be completely forgotten. Home improvements that were considered an intelligent investment one year can be a thing of the past next year. It can be challenging to keep up with the changes and know what to do and what to avoid doing. So today, we will talk about the best ROI home improvements in 2022. We will tell you what improvements you can make that will be a wise investment but won't be too expensive and empty your budget completely.

These are the best Roi home improvements in 2022

  • Landscape
  • Bathroom
  • Fresh paint
  • Kitchen
  • Windows
  • Add a deck 

A little landscaping goes a long way

The first thing people notice is the outside of your house. It's the thing that draws their attention and makes them interested in your home. The exterior of your home is just as important as the inside. Start with cleaning and decluttering your yard. If you have too many things in your yard and garage but don't want to throw them away, consider investing in storage. Experts from suggest hiring professional companies that can help you out with that. Then focus on the lawn. A freshly mowed lawn is a must. Make sure there are no overgrown parts. Also, you can cause damage when cutting incorrectly. It would be wise to hire a professional mowing service. It's not expensive, and it will make your lawn look incredible. Then add some new potted plants and flowers. Nothing that requires too much maintenance but still makes the outside of your home look warm and appealing.

A white bathroom interior
Little changes in the bathroom can have a big effect

A nice bathroom makes an impression

One of the home improvements with a high ROI in 2022 is a bathroom remodel. But not an entire bathroom remodel, just some more minor things that make a big impression. For example, new vanity in a bathroom can have an incredible effect and completely change the look of the entire room. Even though new vanities are not too expensive, you can choose an even cheaper alternative. You can repaint your existing vanity if you have it. Then another thing you can do to improve your bathroom is to get new shower curtains and a new, more modern shower head. You can change the lighting and make it a little fresher and more modern. Also, you can try and repaint the cabinets with some bold, fun colors.

A man painting a white wall. Painting is one of the best ROI home improvements in 2022New layer of paint is a great eco-friendly option

Freshen up your house with a new layer of paint

When making home improvements, don't hesitate to explore eco-friendly options. One of the great sustainable home improvement ideas is painting your house. It takes little time, effort, and supplies and has a fantastic effect. Don't go too crazy when picking colors because you have to take into account a potential buyer's taste. Stick to some more neutral colors like white, beige, or gray. Don't underestimate the effect a nice freshly painted house can have. According to experts painting the inside of your home has an ROI of 107%

Don't skip the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the best Roi home improvements in 2022. It is one of the central parts of the house. It's a thing that buyers notice first when they walk in. Potential buyers like nice big kitchens because that's where people spend a lot of time, cooking and having quality family time. So it makes sense it's a popular home improvement in 2022. But that doesn't mean you need to remodel your entire kitchen. That would be way too expensive. First, it's important that the electricity and plumbing are all functioning well in the kitchen because it doesn't matter how a kitchen looks if it's unusable. What you can do to improve the kitchen is replace the old appliances, replace the old hardware on kitchen cabinets or reface your cabinets. These are all very affordable remodels with a high return on investment.

A yellow wall with two white windowsNew windows are an affordable but effective home improvement

Invest in new windows

If you have old windows in your home, 2022 is the right time to change them. New windows are a home improvement with a very high ROI. First, when windows are ancient, it's obvious, and you can't hide them. It makes your house look old and like nobody takes care of it. Not to mention old windows don't protect your home from the sun and other weather conditions like they used to. The good thing is that there are many options to choose from. And you can choose new windows that fit within your budget.

Add a deck

Adding a deck to your home would be a very smart investment. Nice outdoor spaces where families can spend time together are extremely appealing to buyers. This is probably the most expensive investment on our list but also the one with one of the highest ROI. You can try and build a deck on your own, but we wouldn't recommend it. First, you have to be very skilled, and it will require time and effort. It's much simpler to hire professionals to do it for you. It's a bit more expensive, but it saves you time, and your deck will look incredible.

Final thoughts

These were the best ROI home improvements in 2022. They are affordable and won't completely destroy your budget. Your home will definitely get a value boost from them. But the smartest thing you can do is take your time. Don't rush. Don't start all these home improvements right away. It will become overwhelming, and you won't have enough time to focus on all of them. Start slowly, one by one. Look into what improvements you can make on your own and what you are going to have to hire professionals for. Because sometimes, it's a much better investment to hire someone to do it for you than for you to waste time, money, and effort to do it by yourself. You may think it will be cheaper that way, but it probably won't, and you might even cause some damage to your home. What you should also do is follow the changes in the real estate market. Listen to the feedback from potential buyers. You can consult with other people who are trying to add value to their homes through home improvements.

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