6 Stylish Ideas for a More Visually Pleasing and Useful Backyard

When you put a lot of effort into your home interior design, you should consider directing attention to your outdoor space as well. After all, your property exterior can serve numerous functions in elevating your family's overall quality of life. 

So, to help you get started on a backyard improvement project, provided below are six makeover ideas.

1. Install landscape lighting

If your yard already has a good layout and you have carefully installed turf and planted blooms and perhaps some edibles to enhance the space, complement it with landscape lighting. 

There are so many types of landscape lighting to use, and it's nice to experiment with all of them, say Dubai's top professional landscaping contractors. Landscape lighting can improve dimensions and also highlight the finest points of your yard. Also, they are perfect for establishing patterns, if you're a big fan of symmetry.

Best of all, landscape lighting can create a cozy atmosphere at night time. The warm glow from the battery-powered LED tiki torches stuck into pots of plants, the candlelights hanging from trees, fire towers, and even other types of structural lighting can really make your outdoor space come alive and look more inviting. Plus, security experts also point out that a well-lit yard is less prone to home invasions. 

2. Create multiple gathering areas

If you have a big backyard, you can assign different areas where people can sit down, chat, and dine. You can furnish the area close to the house with comfortable and plush chairs and a small table. This part of your home would be ideal for enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and reading the newspaper in the morning.

Another gathering area to include in your backyard design is a gazebo. You can deck it out with a full-sized dining set, hanging lights, and even a barbecue grill. 

If you still have a lot of space to work with, why not throw in some kind of campfire seating around a fire pit? This congregating spot is ideal for those cold evenings, and everybody just wants some hot cocoa and perhaps some skewered hotdogs and s'mores. 

Having these gathering areas will provide you and your family with a quick and accessible retreat when it’s getting too stuffy indoors. You also have lovely options for holding picnics and parties. 

3. Bring out an eye-catching rug

Rugs are not just meant for use inside the home; you can use them for your outdoor space, too. There are weather-resistant rugs and easy-to-clean carpet tiles that you can use to decorate your seating areas. These come in a variety of shapes, designs, and configurations to further enhance the visual appeal of your yard.

To determine the best carpet tiles or rugs to use for your indoor-outdoor areas, take into consideration the size of the gathering spot, the color scheme of the area, and the furniture design. 

4. Strive for symmetry

Creating the look of symmetry can take a yard from pretty to totally visually impressive. Patterns just make everything look more intentional and peaceful.

However, achieving symmetry is not always about using pairs of the same elements. According to interior and exterior space designers, you can create symmetry by implementing mirroring elements, as well as by simply pairing equally numbered items together. 

For example, a group of three plants does not need to consist of the same kinds of plants. You can play with different colors, flowers, and even sizes of pots. However, to emphasize balance,  focus on the dimensions of the selection of plants for every group; that is, make sure they are a little similar. Symmetry achieved this way can genuinely make for excellent landscape design.

5. Add a water element

Adding a water element can make your backyard more relaxing. There's nothing like the sound of water movement to prompt the body to slow down automatically.

When it comes to water elements for the garden, you can have a small pond installed and make it the home for colorful fish such as koi. Another excellent water element you can add are fountains which come in a range of designs. You can choose from enormous fountains fit for a castle courtyard, human-made waterfalls, or even just a round contemplative fountain. 

But, if you want something truly functional for the family, why not have a pool installed? It will surely prove quite useful during the warm summer months. With a pool, the family won't have to join the crowds in resorts and local beaches and just enjoy your peaceful oasis at home.

6. Install a play area

Installing a play area is a fantastic idea, especially if you have young children. Take a cue from the Duchess of Cambridge's garden at the Chelsea Flower. Her "Back to Nature" garden is a stunning inspiration for outdoor family spaces with its small brook, ball swing, small bridges, forts, hopping stones, and so much more.

This "natural" play area is a treat for the eyes, but it's also an excellent venue for children's imaginative play. Here, the little ones can spend their free time getting some fun exercise and being creative. Moreover, studies reveal that such an accessible play area can have a significant impact on young children's cognitive and emotional development.

Other things that you should consider for a backyard play area are a treehouse, a boulder wall, see-saw, and slide. Of course, this particular outdoor space enhancement may cost a considerable amount of money, but it is most assuredly worth it given all the wellbeing benefits it can provide. 

These are six stylish ideas for your backyard makeover. 

As always, for a successful project, it's essential to work with some highly experienced pros. They will ensure the perfect execution of your vision and provide you with additional ideas to transform your vision into a beautiful reality. Once the project is complete, you will get a backyard that is a source of pure delight for the entire family.

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