Remodeling ideas for modular homes

Published July 20th, 2023 by Rose Building Contractors, Inc.

Do you wish to remodel your modular home to increase its appeal and value? Whether an investor or a homeowner, you want to create convenience and comfort on your property. Creating an aesthetically pleasing design in your modular home can be done on a budget. Multiple ideas can help you increase property value and bring out the best features of your home.

Modular homes are built differently than manufactured homes. Therefore, remodeling a modular home takes more knowledge and precise planning than it would another form of real estate. 

Modular homes are generally considered to appreciate over time, similar to traditional site-built homes. Their adherence to local building codes, quality construction, and permanence contribute to their value appreciation.

You need to take modular home build and base projects into account before you start remodeling your property. The major difference between a manufactured home and a modular home is the construction style. However, modular homes meet all of the requirements of building codes. 

Renovating a modular home offers various opportunities to update and personalize your living space. Here are some ideas for remodeling a modular home:

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is imperial when it comes to home interior design. The lighting can completely shift the atmosphere in your home. Moreover, lighting fixtures have the potential to change the shades of colors and either increase or decrease the appeal of the remodel.

Upgrade lighting fixtures throughout your home to improve both functionality and ambiance. Consider adding recessed lighting, pendant lights, or statement chandeliers to enhance the overall look and feel of your space.

Make sure to keep decorative lighting at the top of your modular home remodeling ideas list.

Kitchen Upgrade

Modular homes come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, your kitchen might allow you to go big when remodeling your home. 

One of the most popular ways to enhance your kitchen space is to transform your kitchen island into a sit-down breakfast bar. Painting over the old kitchen island to match the aesthetics of your cooking space can create harmonized atmosphere. You can make your mornings more enjoyable by adding stylish stools to the kitchen island and creating a separate breakfast area. 

Consider open shelving for your kitchen upgrade. Replacing kitchen wall cabinets with open shelving will create more space in the room. Open shelving makes the atmosphere lighter as opposed to closed cabinets that darken the area.

Exterior Enhancements

The exterior of a home is just as important as the interior. 

If you wish to add value to your property as a residential rental, consider decorating the exterior. Improve the curb appeal of your modular home by adding a porch or deck. This can provide outdoor living space and make your home more inviting. First impressions are crucial, especially when it comes to the exterior of real estate.

You can add value to your modular home using the exterior space. Consider enhancing the appearance of your home by adding a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Add furniture to the porch where you can enjoy warm summer evenings. 

New Flooring

Property owners often avoid experimenting with flooring design. Consider personalizing your modular home flooring, unless you plan on using it as a residential rental property or selling it soon, as buyers and potential tenants prefer neutral designs they can personalize for themselves.

However, tastefully choosing a new flooring plan can pay off. Colorful flooring has the potential to light up the rooms in your home. You can make the interior design much more interesting by ditching the usual laminate flooring and using colorful carpeting.

If you wish to make your home more personalized, but fear changing the flooring entirely, you might want to add several rugs in various rooms. Adding dining area rugs, bedroom rugs, and bathroom mats to your home can create a lively atmosphere. Make sure to choose the rugs tastefully to match the rest of the design.

Remember to plan your remodeling project carefully, considering your budget, personal preferences, and any necessary permits or regulations. Consulting with professionals such as contractors or interior designers can also help you generate more specific ideas and ensure a successful remodeling process.

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