Remodeling Ideas for Lake Houses

Published July 18th, 2023 by Rose Building Contractors, Inc.

Owning a lake house is beneficial for numerous reasons. You get to enjoy the scenic beauty in a peaceful and tranquil setting, plan weekend getaways, and gather friends and family to host events.

Moreover, owning a lake house provides rental income potential. Lakeside getaways often attract tourists who enjoy outdoor activities since lake houses often offer a sense of privacy and seclusion. Therefore, you can generate income when you are not using the lake house for personal enjoyment. 

If you have just bought a lake house and plan to use it as a property management opportunity or just for vacations, you may want to consider renovating your new property to fit your standards. Maybe you are out of ideas to remodel your lake house. We have some ideas that could help you create a dream location.

Outdoor Living Spaces

However inviting and aesthetically pleasing the interior of your lake house may be, the outdoor space and the scenery is what attracts visitors. Guests must enjoy the scenery outdoors when staying at your property. You will also wish to comfortably sit near the lake while drinking tea or hanging out with friends and family.

Create inviting outdoor areas to take advantage of the beautiful lake views. Add a spacious deck or patio with comfortable seating, outdoor dining space, and perhaps a built-in grill or fire pit for cozy evenings by the water.

Updated Kitchen

The kitchen is often the heart of a home, so consider touching it up to make it more modernized and functional. Cooking and baking on the lakeside is a very enjoyable and calming experience. You might want to add windows to your kitchen to look out at nature while preparing meals. Install new countertops, cabinets, and appliances. Opt for a design that complements the lake house ambiance, such as using natural materials and incorporating waterfront-inspired colors. 

Additionally, it is important to prioritize regular maintenance tasks such as checking for leaks, cleaning the stove and oven, and replacing worn-out kitchen tools to ensure a smoothly functioning and well-maintained culinary haven by the lakeside.

Waterfront Windows

The view is the most attractive feature of a lake house. Guests mostly choose accommodations that showcase scenic sights from windows in nearly every room of the house. Multiple windows with a lake view will also act as decorations for the interior.

Maximize the lake views by installing large windows or glass doors that offer unobstructed sightlines. This will not only enhance the visual appeal of the house but also bring in more natural light. Try to montage panoramic windows to enjoy the full view of nature on your property. 

Make sure to add a large window to the bedroom so you can wake up to a beautiful view of the lake. Waterfront views can enhance the enjoyment of a weekend getaway and make your mornings more pleasant.

Bathroom Upgrades

A clean and comfortable bathroom always comes first for guests when it comes to vacation rentals.

Update the bathrooms to add modern amenities and improve functionality. Consider adding features like a soaking tub, a spacious walk-in shower, or a double vanity. Choose finishes and fixtures that reflect a lakeside aesthetic, such as beach-inspired tiles or nautical-themed accessories.


A lake house is most appealing during fall. The forest, rainfall, and slightly chilly weather make the atmosphere aesthetically pleasing for guests and owners. You can increase the appeal by using warm colors when decorating your home. Consider using green paint for some of the walls. 

Add green throw pillows and brown blankets to the couch, hang up lovely scenery paintings, decorate with vases, and add area rugs to the room. Installing a bookshelf is a nice touch to a lake house getaway. Decorate the bookshelves with classic novels, floral vases, and souvenirs. 

Choose a color palette inspired by the lake and its surroundings. Blues, greens, and earth tones can create a serene and cohesive feel throughout the house.

Rustic Elements

Incorporate rustic and natural elements to evoke a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Use wood beams on the ceilings, stone accents, or a fireplace to create a warm and charming ambiance that complements the lakeside setting.

Lakeside Dock

Enhance the lake house experience by improving waterfront access. If your lake house has a private dock, consider enhancing it with additional seating areas, a boat lift, or a swim platform. This will make it easier to access the water and enjoy activities like fishing, swimming, or sunbathing. Add a swimming platform or a lakeside gazebo for relaxation and enjoyment

Build a boathouse at the waterfront if your budget allows it to maximize the pleasant experience. Install an outdoor shower to rinse off after a swim or water activities. It adds convenience and helps keep the interior of the house cleaner.

Open Floor Plan

Create a spacious and airy feel by opening up the floor plan. Remove walls or create large openings between rooms to allow for better flow and maximize views of the lake. Consider removing walls to create an open floor plan that connects the kitchen, dining area, and living room to get rid of unconventional spaces.

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