• The Tenant Life: Some Essential Dos and Don'ts

    Feb 10

    Living in a property that you're renting gives you ample freedom. You no longer have to worry about maintenance or repairs since you can't sell the property or gain equity on it. However, people may ask you questions like, "isn't the tenant responsible for plumbing? Isn'...

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  • Upgrades To Make A Humdrum House A Happy Home

    Dec 15

    When you move into a new house, it takes time before these new walls become a home. But, there are many things that you can do to expedite the settling-in process.

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  • Questions to ask a potential home builder

    Dec 14

    Here are the essential questions to ask a potential home builder so you are confident you have chosen the right professional for the project.

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  • List of Mistakes Every Landlord Should Avoid

    Nov 12

    Becoming a landlord sounds easy on paper – you buy a home, make a few choice upgrades to the place, and find a tenant to generate monthly revenue. But this line of work requires a thoughtful strategy to prevent problems. You’ll make a few mistakes along your journey as a ...

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  • A Property Owner's Guide to Inspecting Your Sewer Line

    Oct 14

    After conducting months of asking around and online research, you may have finally found the perfect rental property. The home may be situated in the perfect neighborhood, and the home may have all the features you need and may be well within your budget.  You may have also hired ...

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