Flood Insurance "Win-Win"

Florida and the Tampa Bay area particularly, have been significantly impacted by new flood insurance rates! This is hardly breaking news to the tens of thousands of affected property owners as there has been much written about the 1) current rates, 2) the enormous rate increases, 3) the modifications to the initially higher rates, 4) the immediate loss of all subsidies upon change of ownership [sale], 5) the reason we got here [The Biggert-Waters Act] and 6) the continued attempts by politicians to delay or mitigate the impact of the legislation. The ultimate effect of the entire fiasco may not be known for years!

What is certain is that owners of property in flood zones do not have what they did have!

There are currently, and almost certainly will continue to be, attempts to

  • Delay the impact of the legislation

  • Lessen the rate of flood insurance increases

  • Create some type of exception for the immediate loss of subsidy upon sale

While the final impact of the legislation may be quite different from that of the current law - the current owners of property will never have what they did have! The effects of the "possibility of huge rate increases" have absloutely affected the current and future value of the properties! To argue otherwise is to turn a blind eye toward the truth as revealed by the market!

The devastating effect of this legislation is squarely aimed at NON-CONFORMING structures!

Properties [structures] located in flood zones are either conforming or non-conforming. To be a CONFORMING STRUCTURE the height of a specific structural aspect must meet the requirements of the flood zone location of the property!

  • In a A-Zone that height is the "top of the lowest floor of the living space".

  • In a V-Zone that height is the "bottom of the lowest horizontal supporting member [BEAM]".

In all cases, the heights, as explained above, must meet or exceed the height requirement of the flood zone location of the property to be considered CONFORMING!

Additionally, the air conditioners, water heaters, most other electrical and plumbing drains must also meet or exceed the height requirement of the flood zone location of the property to be considered CONFORMING!

There are other requirements that must be met as well - depending on the flood zone location these extend to the type of foundation in place, water relief vents and even the exterior walls.

In general, homes built decades ago that are currently located in a V-Zone are difficult to modify into conforming structures! These same homes located in any A-Zone [the vast majority of properties in the Tampa Bay Area affected by the Biggert-Waters Act] can be made into CONFORMING STRUCTURES!

If your property is located in an A-Zone and is either directly waterfront or close to the water in a well maintained neighborhood, we have a suggestion you should thoroughly consider - -

Let us explore the potential of converting your existing NON-CONFORMING ground level home

[probably similar to one of these]

Into a CONFORMING STRUCTURE, possibly similar to one of these!
How is this done?

Essentially, We - -

  • Convert the "existing" ground level structure into a conforming garage, covered rear lanai, covered front drive under structures installing water relief vents as required

  • Enhance the foundation and walls if and as required

  • Add structural components if and as required to create the look and fell YOU want

  • Construct a 2nd level home on top of the now conforming ground level structure

We can create designs with interior foyers and stairs or exterior front stairs.

A home elevator is a nice addition with an eye towards use and/or eventual resale value.

You end up with essentially A BRAND NEW HOME. One with a floorplan that meets your requirements and has the architectural look and feel you prefer!

You enhance your property's usefullness and it's current and future value creating an investment grade asset. One that can be sold to any savvy buyer, regardless of what happens with the current flood insurance requirements and rates!

Meet with us to discuss the possibilities
We do preliminary plans and concept development completely free of charge


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